Month: January 2021


What Is the Most Important Factor in Picking Out Your New Television in This Year?

When you want to pick out a new TV, you run into a wall of moving images in the store. Then try to choose a TV with the right size, good picture quality and useful features.

Size of TV screen

What size screen is one of the most important choices you have to make when buying a new television. TVs come in many different screen sizes, and you don’t want to buy a TV that is too small or too big. Televisions range from small sizes up to 32 inches (81cm) to giants with a screen diagonal of up to 65 inches (165cm), a valuable tip we can give you is to research the new philips televisie in The Netherlands.

  • Most important in determining screen size is the distance between the television and your seating area;’ how far away from the television do you sit. The further away you sit from your television, the larger the television. On average, people find a distance of about 2.4 times the screen diagonal of the TV (in centimeters) most comfortable.
  • Measure the distance between the couch and the intended location of the television and divide that by 2.4. Then you have an indication of the image diagonal in centimeters. Dimensions of TVs are always expressed in inches, then divide the measured distance by 6.

Buying a 4K or Ultra tv?

In advertisements and on websites you often read the term 4K TV. Many televisions in stores today are “ultra-hd (UHD)” or “4K. All these terms mean the same thing and are used interchangeably.

A 4K television has 4 times as many pixels as a full-hd television. With this higher screen resolution, 4K TVs can theoretically show a sharper picture with 4 times more detail than a full-HD TV. However, the TV shows or movies you watch must also be recorded and broadcast in 4K. Although 4K is on the rise, the offer is still quite limited.


Most televisions are LCD televisions with LED backlighting, also called LED TV. More and more OLED televisions are also coming onto the market. OLED televisions perform better than LED televisions in terms of picture quality. Although there are also LCD televisions available that come close or match the picture quality, such as some QLED televisions. So one technology is not necessarily superior to another. For example, OLED TVs generally offer a wider viewing angle, but QLED TVs can often produce higher brightness then Samsung televisies in 2021.


Trading accounts

Making Your First Investment, What Are The Most Important Steps You Need To Take? A Few Tips And Considerations You Need To Learn Before Starting

According to Buffett, buying a low cost monthly S&P 500 index fund is the most sensible thing you can do as a private investor. Then you spread the risks over 500 companies. He advises Vanguard S&P 500 ETF. This ETF is traded in euros on Euronext Amsterdam and charges only 0.07% per year. 93% cheaper than the average investment fund. Below I explain step-by-step how to make your first investment. If all goes well, you should have opened an investment account by now. I use the app from DEGIRO for this. You can download that app for free in the app store, also if you live in Latin America, we would advice you to research online brokers in Chile at C-TradeAlert.CL or other countries.

Step 1: Transfer money to your trading account

I started to transfer €250 from my ABN payment account to DEGIRO. Use the ‘Transfer’ tab to do so. Then you choose your bank and the amount you want to deposit to your investment account. Next you click on the button ‘Place order’ and you transfer money with iDEAL to Stichting DEGIRO. Almost immediately the amount will be in your investment account.

Step 2: Find the ETF you want

I want to invest in Vanguard S&P 500 ETF (USA, isin: IE00B3XXRP09). You can search for this fund in the upper right corner and find it under VUSA. There are three versions; EAM stands for Euronext Amsterdam and is traded in euros.

Step 3: Investing for beginners – Buy the ETF of your choice

When you have found the right ETF click on the ‘BUY’ button. Then you will get to the next screen where you can indicate how many shares you want to buy and at which price. Vanguard S&P 500 ETF was currently traded for € 43,712. Next you choose a limit order (the maximum amount you have left over). And I indicate how many shares I want to buy. It’s possible from as little as 1 share, so over € 43. I have chosen to buy 6 for a total amount of 262 euros.

  • You will then get an overview of the order and you can definitively place the order (button ‘Place order’). The total order amount is € 262,27. The order will be executed as soon as the stock exchanges are open again.

Step 4: Your first investment is a fact!

Congratulations. You have now made your first investment. You now receive an annual dividend (profit distribution) of 2.18% and can benefit from price increases. I intend to leave this investment for the next 20 years and let it continue to grow. In addition, we invest a fixed monthly amount to build up our assets. Are you active in a country where the currency is not strong? Then we’ll want to point out that it’s very important to invest your assets with a trustworthy broker in Colombia at Commoditytradealert.CO

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